La Selva Giardino del Belvedere is situated on the slopes of the Chianti hills.facing the Arno valley, flanked by two creek, Pozzo ai Diavoli and Rimaggio. Extending over 45 acres, the land is largely covered by oaks groves, meadows, vineyards and olive trees from long ago.

This house was built by the farmers more than 300 years ago with the material found in the surrounding lands: stones from the creek or from a quarry, bricks fired in the wood-fired furnace, chestnut wood beams handworked with the chest-knife. The whole family contributed to the work.

The ground floor was for the animals, the cellar and the various agricultural works.

The upper floor for the often large family. The farmers lived with what the farm produced, even if half of the product belonged to the owner of the land. Life was hard. In the 60s most of the farmers abandoned the lands to work as workers in the factories of the Arno valley. The fields became a forest and the house went in to ruin.

In 1991, on a snowy day Paolo arrived in this place and fell in love with it. After various vicissitudes, together with Anna managed to buy it and gradually restore it as a family villa. The old fields, after forty years have become woods, are today a large natural garden.

One’s thoughts and steps wander freely with no constrictions, within the measure of nature, forever authentic and never subject to fashions or trends.
Passion and pleasure for beauty always guided us in these years.